With evacuation to Shinshu, I eat it! Play! A quarrel! It is 爆誕 of the fearful god called the lah a

As for time, World War II is terminal.

I escape from Tokyo blitzkrieg, and the story of "the lah (4 years old) begins the main character of the main volume counting on a relative of Shinshu a little".

Eldest son, Keizo of the quiet Fumitake two roads.

Second son, チュウタ of the free spirit full of the curiosity that it continues being said to, "that fellow became funny because bad drunk のじじに gets drunk, and an umbilical cord was eaten to a dish" later.

A have-not is born as lah, three stones, the eldest daughter in religious precepts in freewheelingness a little.
Sueko third son who it was said that the heart had two holes by nature and did not live until 20 years old, and was brought up carefully, knob Hull.

I put newborn knob Hull, and チトラ 三兄妹 reached Shinshu counting on the relative of parents of the same town.

The family of the father's side runs a rice dealer.

I was not troubled with eating as the house of the mother's side did a farmer.

Both families had a thing produced in rice and a field, and both families helped each other.

As チトラ were welcomed, I enjoyed rural living at ease until the end of the war.

I got tired of "quiet older brothers" who the lah read a little in a living room, and helped the relative who got tired of a house and garden, the play in the field, and some came to go for an outing.

I picked it off freewheelingly without minding it with field of any place and ate without declining a tomato and the cucumber of the field to whom with saying if slight change of mind was not crowded.

The field of activities of the lah increases little by little a little and goes.

While while I poke it every day, and a child of the age that is about the same as oneself plays in a slightly remote private house as were a lot, I repeat that I put a big win in the quarrel of the scuffle of the fight when it develops.

Recognized all too soon; became "a snotty-nosed child ringleader super".

As for the チトラ, several years until the end of the war were brought up on the earth of this blessing.

A sequel.
When the lah returned to Tokyo a little, I was scolded wherever possible severely about this Shinshu by stern mother of the discipline.

When "there was not it on the day when it was not stormed from the neighborhood, it was said that I did something in a telephone and a letter from mother, brothers of father almost every day! "

As there was such a thing, is still a little young even if older brothers who matured into a student will go to Shinshu when the lah is tied up with a string and is thrown in a closet, and チトラ reason "older brothers who are quiet like a woman" have show arms and a family tree in the head family of Shinshu, and is impressed with their origins, and come back; when was exaggerated, and said, and told lah and knob Hull it a little, swelled until slept in a room of four brother 6 tatami.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
> request

■ World War II
I want you to make "a close inspection" with fair eyes by yourself at a point of view.

* Tokyo blitzkrieg
・ Incendiary

* Pearl Harbor
・ Hull notebook (the meaning and background)
・ Close inspection of the declaration of war
・ Herbert Hoover 31st charges U.S. President
・ The Franklin Roosevelt 32nd charges President
・ "A surprise attack" than Pearl Harbor in front

Atom bomb
・ The atom bomb abandonment (a person of atom bomb restraint first in world history.of His Majesty the Emperor In postwar "an atom bomb is under development during war". Anti-sky ream and a しばき corps. )
・ Nagasaki, Hiroshima

* Colony
・ Colony distribution map before Japan participates in the war

* Korea, staying in Japan, China
・ The Korea Operation Army
・ Comfort woman (洋公主, the Korean War, Park Chung Hee, Masao Takagi, a close inspection and historical verisimilitude research of the comfort woman testimony)
・ Futsukaichi sanitarium
・ A Japanese holocaust in Takeshima and release demand (Lee Sung-man line, anti-Japan policy, distortion of the textbook by the anti-day) to the Japanese Korean government who is behind bars residing in Japan
・ So changing name (welfare recipient, stowing away more than a common name, a Japanese)
・ Nanjing Massacre (close inspections of the body)
・ 通州事件
・ Japan Teachers Union

* The northern territories
・ Karafuto


東京大空襲を逃れ、信州の親せきを頼って本編の主人公「 チトラ( 四歳 ) 」の物語は始まる。

後に「 酒乱のじじに酔っ払って、酒の肴にへその緒を食べられたから、あいつはおかしくなったんだ 」と言われ続ける好奇心旺盛の自由人の次男、チュウタ。



家や庭先、畑での遊びに飽きたチトラは、居間で読書したり親戚の手伝いをしている「 大人しい兄達 」にウンザリし、少し遠出をするようになっていた。


いつの間にか押しも押されもしない「 チョーハナタレガキ大将 」になっていた。


「 近所から怒鳴りこまれなかった日は無かったと、お母さん、お父さんの兄弟達から毎日のように電話や手紙でなんとかしてくれと言われていたんだぞ!! 」

チトラ曰く「 女のように大人しい兄達 」は、


> お願い

■ 第二次世界大戦
フェアな目で、観点でご自分でも「 精査 」して欲しいのです。

* 東京大空襲
・ 焼夷弾

* パールハーバー
・ ハルノート( その意味と背景 )
・ 宣戦布告の精査
・ ハーバート ・ フーバー第31代米大統領
・ フランクリン・ルーズベルト第32代大統領
・ 真珠湾より前の「 奇襲 」

・ 天皇陛下の原爆放棄( 世界史上最初の原爆抑止者。戦後ではなく、「 戦争中、原爆開発中 」においての。反天連と、しばき隊。 )
・ 長崎、広島

* 植民地
・ 日本が参戦する前の植民地分布図

* 韓国、在日、中国
・ 朝鮮進駐軍
・ 慰安婦( 洋公主、朝鮮戦争、朴正煕・高木正雄、慰安婦証言の精査と時代考証 )
・ 二日市保養所
・ 竹島での日本人大虐殺と、韓国政府の日本の刑務所にいる在日のかたへの釈放要求( 李承晩ライン、反日政策、反日による教科書の歪曲等 )
・ 創氏改名( 通名、日本人よりも多い生活保護受給者、密航等 )
・ 南京大虐殺( 遺体の精査等 )
・ 通州事件
・ 日教組

* 北方領土
・ 樺太

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