Episode 3. A U.S. soldier (robbery) and the desperate resistance of a pistol and the mother.

Time is Tokyo where I also have no victory MA.

The inside where the destroyed rubble is still made a heap at each place by the great Tokyo air raid (indiscriminate blanket bombing).
A little, daily life had begun to move to the discord through which I live.

One in front of my house facing the shopping area, the American soldier who took a jeep came to come.
When engine sound of a jeep was being heard, children were running up to a jeep from everywhere simultaneously.
A reason is one.
A hand is extended to the American soldier who took a jeep, and runs after a canter in "a give, me, me, chocolate" and the jeep which never stops while running.
They seemed happy and American soldiers would be happy to be handing over a chocolate, gum and a biscuit to children, but I was throwing you so that the children who can't catch up to a jeep could adopt the children.
Such, seemingly, I was often coming across a cheerful American soldier.

A gay quarter and a popular dramatic place are 2 houses in neighborhood of my house.
Red-light district, flophouse, Ryoshimachi and good-for-nothing family.
Of various occupation, a craftsman, I lived there much.
And it's called by a person to a town at the time with a hoodlum. The rowdy's group which was afraid and be frightened at was also here.
Quite much, a shrine and a Buddhist temple were also a cheerful place.

Now, my father will be my father while the income was dismissal and stopped, a mother earns a transport firm, and who is the head, change.
"Table" then, a sweets shop has been begun.
"The back" then, a black marketeer has been begun.
6 family. The other ones surpassed in a black marketeer weren't imagined to eat and go.
A mother buys and sells and barters "something dark" with various people, and.
Some Japan and I which were trading with an American soldier directly were to be born and know exchange of the first life with a body.

That's at a store. When the floor walker was made a mother and me like usual, person's going in and out of was always in the store continuously, it was when a person foot stopped short exactly at that time.
When the MERIKA soldier who seems good-natured comes into a store and is searching for the goods.
When I find out that person's going in and out of isn't also in the store in a storefront, the attitude changes suddenly.
Please turn a pistol to a defenseless mother by the look just like the demon.
I have also pressed for "the money! The money, !!" and a body by the fearful voice which freezes and have come.

Immediately, a mother tried to grasp cut scissors, the American soldier will be immediately.
I had mother's hair in a grab and forced a pistol on a head.
A face of the mother who could force a pistol is hit by my father, is swollen out and is full of blue bruises.
A mouth broke, and I was glaring at each other with an American soldier by the dreadful look.
If I have this money stolen, 6 family eat and lose the food to which I go today! A mother was being desperate and was resisting, too.
When a mother decided, took money out of two points and handed it to an American soldier, too, an American soldier went away immediately.

That it's confirmed that an American soldier goes away, I and a mother.
I was hearing "When an American soldier committed robbery with a pistol, a thing was also taken, but, the life was also taken." from a person, so a true intention was fearful.

After an American soldier went away, please sit so that I may fall in from a footing weakly.
The moment when I thought "Well.... It was saved."
I and a mother let urination leak.
For a while, it couldn't move from the place.


Glossary (Even you do a net search, please.)

The explanation from my mother is written just as it is.
There may be a net search and a few differences.

■ Something dark
This is distribution and barter.
Cigarette, liquor and rice were sold.
Parents of CHITORA also lost my parents early with both families by marriage of second son eldest daughter, and parents of CHITORA were breeding young brothers at Shinshu as a patriarch.
The father's side carried on a wholesale store in the US, and a mother person was working as a farmer, so to be in trouble about food during evacuation wouldn't also be a problem in the items which can be let run at a black market.

■ American soldier
"When an American soldier commits robbery with a pistol, a thing is also taken, but, the life is also taken." and, it was one of common recognition.
They seem to go away double-quick as adults scattered a child of a spider from its circumference when an American soldier approached.


> Please.

■ The Second World War
Even you want you "to probe" by a point of view by a fair eye.

* The great Tokyo air raid
* Indiscriminate blanket bombing
* Incendiary

* 30 items of censorship guideline of GHQ
* Public hall system
* Annual reform request (With occupation policy?)

* Trophy scull (SAPIO  September 29, 2010, No. carrying)
There was a person who has a nose, an earlobe and a skull of a killed in a battle Japanese soldier with a souvenir of a war in the U.S. soldier.
By the tooth which hangs Japanese soldier's neck on a tank, and is a Japanese soldier, a necklace, it was made, talk is reported by an American newspaper of the those days.

A movie  Unbroken.
Angelina and Jolly director

Angelina thinks there is obligation to show a source the first.

* Pearl Harbor
* Haru's note (its meaning and background)
* Close inspection of a declaration of war
* Herbert and Hoover  The 31st generation president of the United States
* Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd generation president
* The "surprise" previous

■ Exciting  Translation.


第3話。 米兵(強盗)と、ピストルと、お袋の決死の抵抗。

まだ東京大空襲( 無差別絨毯爆撃 )で破壊された瓦礫が、各所に山積みにされているなか。

ジープに乗ったアメリカ兵に手を伸ばし「 ギブミーチョコ、ギブミーチョコ 」と、決してとまらぬジープに駆け足走行しながら追いかけるのだ。


「 表 」では、甘味屋を始めました。
「 裏 」では、闇屋を始めました。
お袋が「 闇の物 」をいろんな人と売買したり、物々交換したり。

「 マネー! マネー!! 」と、身も凍るような恐ろしい声で迫り来ました。

( イラストは、クリックで拡大されます。 )


人から「 アメリカ兵がピストルを持って、強盗するときは、物も取るが命も取る 」と、聞いていたので、心底恐ろしかったです。

「 あー・・・。 助かった 」と思った瞬間、


用語集( 自分でも、ネット検索などしてください )


■ 闇の物

■ アメリカ兵
「 アメリカ兵がピストルを持って、強盗するときは、物も取るが命も取る 」と、共通認識の一つでした。


> お願い

■ 第二次世界大戦
フェアな目で、観点でご自分でも「 精査 」して欲しいのです。

* 東京大空襲
・ 無差別絨毯爆撃
・ 焼夷弾

・ GHQの検閲指針30項目
・ 公民館制度
・ 年次改革要望書( 占領政策とは? )

* トロフィー・スカル(SAPIO 2010年9月29日号掲載)

映画 アンブロークン


* パールハーバー
・ ハルノート( その意味と背景 )
・ 宣戦布告の精査
・ ハーバート ・ フーバー第31代米大統領
・ フランクリン・ルーズベルト第32代大統領
・ 真珠湾より前の「 奇襲 」

・ 天皇陛下の原爆放棄( 世界史上最初の原爆抑止者。戦後ではなく、「 戦争中、原爆開発中 」においての。反天連と、しばき隊。 )
・ 長崎、広島

* 植民地
・ 日本が参戦する前の植民地分布図
・ 1919年 パリ講和会議 人種差別撤廃

* 韓国、在日、中国
・ 朝鮮進駐軍
■ 韓国併合 ( 朝鮮王朝、韓国人及び欧米列強の強い働きかけ、国連承認 )
■ 慰安婦 ( 洋公主、朝鮮戦争、朴正煕・高木正雄、慰安婦証言の精査と時代考証 )
・ 二日市保養所
■ 竹島での日本人大虐殺と、韓国政府の日本の刑務所にいる在日のかたへの釈放要求( 李承晩ライン、反日政策、反日による教科書の歪曲等 )
・ 創氏改名( 通名、日本人よりも多い生活保護受給者、密航等 )
・ 南京大虐殺( 遺体の精査等 )
・ 通州事件
・ 日教組

* 北方領土
・ 樺太


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